Presenting the 1st ever Happy Pledis Project! This project is a collaboration project between Pledis artists international fansites namely; ASDaze, Love Compass, Dorm 17, and Dambinews. These four fansites joined hands in order to show appreciation to Happy Pledis family. Through this project, we can show our support for the pledis family. Anyone can participate in this project. In order to participate, you may donate or help us spread the project.

We will be sending crystal Necklaces to Pledis Entertainment Artists. Each Pledis family artist will receive a crystal necklace.
After School
Jungah: Opalite 8$
Uee: Clear quartz 8$
Raina: Green Fluorite 8$
Nana: Aquamarine 8$
Lizzy: Rose Quartz 8$
Eyoung: Opalite 8$
Kaeun: Opalite 8$
Jr: Purple Fluorite 8$
Aron: Green Fluorite 8$
Baekho: Rose quartz 8$
Ren: Lapis Lazuli 8$
Minhyun: Opalite 8$

Son Dambi: Aquamarine 8$
Seungcheol: Opalite 8$
Junghan: Rose 8$
Jisoo: Aquamarine 8$
Junhui: Purple Fluorite 8$
Soonyoung: Purple Fluorite 8$
Wonwoo: Rose quartz 8$
Jihoon: Lapis Lazuli 8$
Seokmin: Amethyst 8$
Mingyu: Clear quartz 8$
Minghao: Lapis Lazuli 8$
Seungkwan: Rose quartz 8$
Hansol: Amethyst 8$
Chan: Amethyst 8$
Cost of boxes: 29.20$
Total for now: $290.20
Estimated total: $400
Name: Happy Pledis Project
Goal Amount: $400
Deadline for Donations: June 20, 2015
Deadline of Project: End of June
Payment Method: Paypal or Bank Deposit

We need your help to make this project happen. You can be a part of this project by two ways, by donating to us or helping us spread the project. The donations will be accepted through paypal, bank donations or Money Transfers.

NOTE: If you want to donate through bank or money transfers, please email us at and title it 'Happy Pledis Project Donation' so we can send you the details.
After donating, please fill up this form so we can confirm your donation. Thank you!

You can send your donations here:
Bank Donation
- Citibank

- BDO, Metrobank, PNB, Citibank, Landbank
Money Transfer
- Western union (check their website if your country have WU)

- Cebuana lhuillier, Wester Union, LBC

1. Where do we send our donations?
You can send your donation through paypal and in selected regions, you can donate through banks deposits/donations or money transfers.

2. Do you accept bank donations?
Yes, we do. Email us at, stating that you want to donate and what country are you from so we can send you the details.

3. What is the minimum donation?
Please bear in mind that we accept any amount of donation but we set a minimum limit to the donation so that, if worse goes worse, we will still be able to meet our goal. The miminum donation will be $10.

4. How will you know that we donated?
After donating, please fill up this form so we can know and confirm it to you.

If you still have questions, you can email us at

In appreciation for the donators who will make this project successful, we will print a sticker with the logos of the fansites which participated along with the names of individual donators and include it in the box of the necklaces.

We are starting to build up a fan union for the pledis family! For those fansites who wants to help us with this project or join the fan union, feel free to contact us.

Email Title: Pledis Fan Union